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We are thrilled to be honoring our community partner Dignity Health at our 2019 Speak Up When You're Down Gala!

DignityHealth MotherChildPhoto

Dignity Health’s vision is to be a national model of excellence that actively promotes maternal and infant well-being and reduces the burden of illness that is associated with untreated postpartum depression or other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Over 56,000 babies are delivered within Dignity Health's 29 hospitals with maternity services each year. Through thousands of nurses, OB/GYNs and pediatric providers, they are working across departments and service areas to design and implement a system-wide approach to improve the identification and management of pregnant and postpartum women with depression. 

Dignity Health is proud to promote maternal and infant well-being in many ways, some of which include: providing education and administering the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale for all women delivering at our hospitals, embracing forward-thinking technology with their MyBaby app which offers mental health content and screening in multiple languages, partnering with MMH-NOW to provide free training to clinicians, as well as launching a provider-to-provider consultation service pilot to enable OB/GYNs, pediatricians, and other providers with an opportunity to gain real-time coaching from perinatal psychiatrists.

Dignity Health is actively partnering with other agencies on multiple local collaborative projects to bridge inpatient and outpatient systems of care which successfully provide women access to needed services.