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Join us for an in-person two day training that will explore how sex and sexuality impact and interact with mental health during the perinatal period!

Protecting the mental health needs of pregnant and postpartum people and their families requires a holistic approach that includes sexual health. However, due to cultural norms and the evolving landscape of reproductive rights in the United States, the conversation of sexuality is often isolated from perinatal mental health while perpetuating stigma and misinformation. This conference convening is tailored for the birthing care professional committed to deconstructing their internalized concepts of family structure, gender, and sexuality to increase their capacity to competently (and confidently) welcome diverse perinatal individuals and families of all kinds into their care. Any health care or community based provider who serves the expectant and postpartum community and wants to learn more about how to support and prioritize the sexual well-being and expression of their clients is invited to attend.

In this second conference convening titled, “Sex and Perinatal Mental Health” (the first occurred in January 2020), we will gather once again to collaboratively explore topics of sexuality for expecting and postpartum families. We have invited a range of voices to speak to the critical implications at this intersection, including sex educators, embodiment practitioners, midwives, OB/GYNs, mental health professionals, pelvic physical therapists, holistic health practitioners and healers, and more.

Please click here to view our conference brochure for additional details regarding learning objectives, payment structure, agenda, accessibility, and more.

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