Your Queer Parenting Journey

This group is a free weekly peer-run support space hosted by SANA SANA’s peer support program. Open to the queer community in Los Angeles County who are: pregnant, navigating fertility, parents (both birthing and non-gestational), caregivers, adoptive parents. 

This is a FREE group that is exclusive to the queer community in Los Angeles County, if you would like referrals to other resources, please call us at SANA SANA (1-888- 823-7262) and we will be happy to connect you.


After completing the registration form, Alex (they/them) and Durga (she/they) will contact you to schedule a 15-minute introductory call.  If you have any questions email [email protected].



Access resources and free direct support for providers, birth workers and queer and trans birthing people and families. 

Free to Register

  • Start Date: November 28th, 2023

  • When: Weekly Drop-in Tuesdays 9-10:15 am

  • Where: Virtually via Zoom (Must register + schedule introductory call for link)

  • Anyone who identifies as queer and is in the process of creating or raising their families is welcome. This is a trans-affirming space.

QUESTIONS? Contact [email protected]