Welcoming a child into your family is supposed to be one of the most beautiful and exciting times of your life. Yet for many people this simply isn’t the case. Stigma is one of the biggest reasons why pregnant and postpartum persons don’t receive the treatment they need. The brave and vulnerable members of our Speakers Bureau are dedicated to sharing their stories of depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, bias and racism during the prenatal and postpartum periods in order to break down this stigma and encourage those who are suffering to seek help. Listen to their stories.

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We need you! Maternal Mental Health NOW was founded as an all volunteer organization and our dedicated, creative and inspirational volunteers still serve as our lifeblood. There are many opportunities to support our work throughout the year as a volunteer. Please join us.



Maternal Mental Health NOW’s policy and advocacy work is dedicated to improving access to timely, informed and culturally appropriate treatment to all new mothers and parents, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and income level. Help use advocate for policies and practices at the organizational, city, county, state and national level that support new and growing families.

Maternal Mental Health NOW |
Maternal Mental Health NOW | Get Involved


At the staff level, Maternal Mental Health NOW manages a Training Committee, Policy Committee and Gala Committee. At the Governing Council level, we operate a Finance and Fundraising Committee. Committee membership is a wonderful way to get to know the people and programs behind Maternal Mental Health NOW. Which one are you best suited for?



Maternal Mental Health NOW depends upon the generous support of people like you to sustain our work. We are most grateful to everyone who willingly donates their time, connections, story and funds to ensure that all individuals affected by depression and anxiety during the perinatal period receive the help that they need. Thank you!

Maternal Mental Health NOW |
Maternal Mental Health NOW | Get Involved


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