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Courageous Conversations: Pregnant with the Stars


Join author Renee Cramer, author of “Pregnant with the Stars” and “Birthing a Movement” for a discussion on the impact of Hollywood and celebrity pregnancies in the media on society and pregnant people. We are exploring topics such as the pressure to keep up with the stars (think gender reveals, expertly designed nurseries, looking beautiful during pregnancy, ect), “bouncing back” and the expectation to do so, and other ways we might be subconsciously (or consciously) influenced by the way Hollywood stars are put up as the “standard”.

She will be joined by the dynamic husband and wife team behind the Mid-drift Movement, Angie and Mike Sonrode who will be sharing about their project aimed at changing the conversation about postpartum body image.

We will also be hosting two of our dynamic storytellers, Kimberly Osuna and Karyn Chen who are both survivors of postpartum depression and perinatal mental health disorders. They will share from their personal experience.

About the Author

Renée Ann Cramer is Associate Professor and Chair of Law, Politics and Society at Drake University.

This book charts how the American understanding of pregnancy has evolved by examining pop culture coverage of the pregnant celebrity body.

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